Emmi-Pet Ultrasonic Teeth Brushing

Rendering loop-subscriptions
Rendering loop-subscriptions

Initial Consultation £30 | Maintenance Clean £20 | Discount block bookings

Why brush with ultrasound?
Experience and studies in the human field show that our ultrasonic toothbrush effectively removes biofilm, reduces plaque and gingivitis and, when used regularly, is an optimal prevention for tartar - silently and without scrubbing. The ultrasound also leads to optimum cleaning results and is what makes the upgrade to emmi-pet 2.0 so effective.

Ultra power. Ultra easy to use.
The emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush relies on 100% patented ultrasonic technology, which ensures thorough cleaning with up to an impressive 96 million ultrasonic vibrations per minute, without any scrubbing. Thanks to its silent and vibration-free operation, it offers a pet-friendly and stress-free cleaning experience for your pet!

Prevents tartar build-up.
When used regularly, emmi-pet effectively prevents tartar and reduces plaque. Regular use not only prevents the formation of plaque, but also massages and strengthens the gums and reduces existing gingivitis.

You can either pay-as-you-go or block book sessions. 

Initial consultation includes toothbrush head and teeth assessment. Please see terms & conditions.

You can buy 10 pre-paid sessions for a discounted price:

  • 10 sessions (initial consultation plus 9 maintenance visits)
  • 10 maintenance visits (an initial consultation must be booked separately if you haven't see our wellness consultant previously).


Terms & Conditions

• The method of ultrasonic teeth cleaning is highly effective in removing tartar, improving gums, breath odour and overall oral health, Tilly’s Treat Cupboard cannot guarantee the results, effectiveness or suitability for individual pets due to varying external factors. If dogs become distressed or we discover anything likely to cause discomfort to your pet, we will discontinue immediately. The best approach to solve this will then be discussed with you.
• Each pet will have its own toothbrush head that will not be used on another dog. The initial tooth brush head will be supplied as part of your initial consultation and it will need be replaced after approx. 25 treatments or sooner if required. Some pets may chew the brush head, if this is excessive it may need replacing sooner to maintain effectiveness. Brush heads will require replacing after 1 year regardless of number of times they have been used.
Toothbrush heads cost £7.50 each to replace.
• If we feel any teeth are loose or at risk of becoming loose when the tartar comes off we may request you get your pets’ teeth checked at your veterinarian before treatment. It is possible that the tartar build up will be too great and then a veterinary dental may be necessary initially and then follow up with maintenance visits with us.
• Tilly’s Treat Cupboard cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dentition before, during or after any teeth cleaning treatments.
• Tilly’s Treat Cupboard ultrasonic teeth brushing using the Emmi-Pet is not a veterinary procedure and Tilly’s Treat Cupboard cannot diagnose any veterinarian problems with your dog’s mouth. Please have any concerns checked by your veterinarian.
• Tilly’s Treat Cupboard offer 2 types of treatment plans:
o The cost of the pay as you go subsequent/maintenance treatments visits will be charged at each appointment.
o The cost of the pre-paid plan / oral routine treatment must be paid in full at the first session.

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