Tilly's Treat Cupboard

About Us

Tilly, our border collie, was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in 2019.

Knowing that medication to help seizures have severe side effects, I wanted to avoid them as long as possible...

My research pointed to two main things that can contribute to seizures: diet and chemicals (e.g. flea medication). I decided my dogs would no longer have chemicals unless absolutely necessary.

I also read a lot about how a raw diet might help Tilly - high protein and low carbohydrate diets are one way of helping humans with epilepsy.

We switched Tilly and our other 4 dogs to a raw diet and the changes have been amazing!

Tilly's last seizure was in January 2020, the day before she started her raw diet. She is also a much calmer dog all round.

Clover is no longer itchy and is no longer a fussy eater.

Disley no longer makes smells that make your eyes water.

Molly no longer has that doggy smell.

Sammy has fur as soft silk.

We wanted other dogs (and their owners) to have the same benefits of a natural, raw diet and thus Tilly's Treat Cupboard was born.

We are passionate about the products we sell and only stock products that we would be happy to use with our own dogs.

Why not pop in for a chat and see if we can help your dog's ailments.

Helen x