Rawing Success: Anthea's Story

Anthea was fed on a higher quality “allergen approved” dry food, and whilst this helped her appearance somewhat she still struggled with itching, running eyes and nose, sore paws, upset tummy, lethargy, and more. Anthea's owners got allergy tests done and did a lot of research which led them to raw feeding. Anthea's owner came to Tilly's Treat Cupboard to start their raw journey. Together we devised an elimination diet.

Amy, Anthea's owner remembers:

"Within a month of raw feeding, with your advice, support and help with her severe allergies and limited list of what she can have, her energy levels soared. She was less agitated so it was a “good energy” instead of anxiety and lethargy. She was able to walk further, was more playful and had better quality sleep because she wasn’t waking up to itch or poo in the night."

It’s been trial and error with Anthea as she changes her mind on what she likes but she continues to improve, and now the issues like bad ears, runny eyes and itchy skin are much lesser occurring (she’s still allergic to grass so will never entirely eliminate) and she’s strong, fit and healthy and maintaining a good weight and muscle mass.

Anthea has Cushing's disease so weight maintenance and muscle mass is really important to keep her healthy for as long as possible. Her fur is shiny, thick and she rarely needs bathing and smells like a powdery baby.


"She used to have a fine, brittle coat that was greasy and she smelt (poor girl 😩). She’s truly thriving and her diet played a massive part."


Anthea's vet also approves of her diet and said she’s in excellent condition, especially as she’s a really rough time at the vets over the past years with surgeries on her ears and eyes and with her Cushing's.

Look at Anthea's pictures from pre-raw to now! What a difference especially in her shiny, beautiful coat.

Anthea pre-Raw diet

Anthea was switched from a cheaper dry to a higher quality dry and, although improved, she still wasn't 'healthy'.

Anthea on a Raw diet

Notice the improvement in Anthea's coat. It's really developed a shine in this photo.


Anthea definitely looks much, much healthier.

Thank you to Amy for sharing Anthea's story.

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