Starting with Raw

How do I switch my dog to raw food?

There are three main ways to switch your dog to a raw diet.

Straight Swap

In the vast majority of cases, a straight swap to raw food is recommended.

Feed their last meal of their usual food for tea and the very next day, give them raw for breakfast.

Most dogs do fine with this method but if they don't take to it or if they have a sensitive tummy, another method might be more appropriate.

Mixing with Current Food

Some dogs don't like change. In this case, it might be best to mix a little raw with their current food. Depending on how fussy your dog is, you can start with a tiny pea size amount of raw. Then as they get use to it, start increasing the raw while decreasing their current food.

Take as long as you need - some dogs might take days; some weeks.

Follow a transition plan

There are many transition plans on the internet. Most suggest feeding just tripe for the first week, then mix with chicken, then add bone, then add offal, etc.

I personally don't like this method. A dog on tripe for a week will have nothing but a runny bum! Also, it is many weeks before the diet becomes balanced.

However, if your dog has a sensitive tummy, I would recommend starting with white meat, possibly offal free. This allows their tummy to get used to the raw food, and white meat is generally easier for dogs to digest. Don't keep it offal free for long though - dog's need the nutrients offal provides.

If you are transitioning a puppy, please don't use a slow transition method. Puppies need balance every day and these transition guides are usually too slow and leave the puppy with an unbalanced diet for far too long.

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