Adding supplements to raw diets

Does my dog need supplements?

Whether you need to feed your dog additional supplements very much depends on what food you have chosen to feed and, of course, your dog.

80/10/10 minces are not complete (no matter what is said on the packaging!). If you feed just 80/10/10 your dog is likely to be lacking in some essential micronutrient, for example, selenium, manganese, zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin E.

Plant matter also provides phytonutrients which are chemical compounds that help ward off predators, parasites, and disease. Although these aren't essential nutrients, they have huge benefits to the dog's health, it is worth considering adding them.

The best kinds of plant matter are those that grow above ground as they tend to be less starchy with a lower glycaemic index. Green leafy veg, berries, nuts (except macadamia nuts which are poisonous to dogs), seeds and herbs are great choices.

Plant matter does need to be prepared for the dog to gain nutrition from them. Either puree/crush raw or lightly steam before feeding.